6 Of The Best Photo Editing Apps To Help You Nail Instagram


If you’re serious about your Instagram game, you’ll know that producing high quality content REALLY does help to boost engagement and attract the right kind of follower. Half the task of producing an amazing and gorgeous photo is in the editing phase! Want to know some of the best photo editing apps?

I’ve used quite a few apps to edit my photos  and at one point was using FOUR different apps to get the look I wanted (yea, a little overkill). Let me tell you that you DON’T need multiple editing apps to achieve the look you’re going for. I’m going to tell you my 6 favourite photo editing apps and what kinds of settings you should be focusing on to achieve your chosen aesthetic and create a gorgeous photo!

6 Best photo editing apps to help you nail Instagram

#1 Lightroom

I wouldn’t be able to live without Lightroom now! While this is a paid app (I pay about $15 AUD per month for Photoshop and Lightroom), I can also access this on my mobile which makes life SO much easier! Lightroom also have a FREE mobile version however, the features are limited.

It doesn’t take too long to get the hang of Lightroom if you just want to do the basics. But there are so many more advanced features you can use with this software.

My favourite thing is being able to adjust the saturation of different colours and spot edit my photos. Sometimes it’s hard to fit a photo into your feed when you’re going for a certain look, but Lightroom saves my butt every single time.


Before Lighroom, VSCO CAM was my go-to editing app. Their pre-made, ready to go filters are some of the best I’ve seen in editing apps and they make it so easy to tweak.

One of my favourite things about VSCO CAM is that you can easily copy and paste your edits from one photo to another. Not only is this a massive time saver but it means that my photos will always fit nicely beside each other in my feed.

#3 Snapseed

Snapseed is an all-purpose photo editing software allowing you to do all the basics such as exposure, colour, and cropping, but will also allow you to use healing and selective adjustment tools.

Did I also mention you can edit either JPEG or RAW files? You also have an array of unique filters to choose from if you wanted to do everything in the one app. If you don’t want to fork out the money for Lightroom, I highly suggest Snapseed!

#4 Facetune

Wondering how your favourite Instagramers get that crisp, white look on all their photos? Yep, I was wondering the same thing when I first started taking my own photos!

Without having the right lighting equipment (or Lightroom), I downloaded Facetune as they have an amazing whitening tool! I also love their defocus and blurring tools for getting that blurry background effect. You can download Facetune for only a few dollars for iPhone!

#5 Enlight

This app actually won the Apple Design Award Winner of 2017 … and for good reason!

It’s not only an editing app but you can also create mini-masterpieces with gorgeous filters, masking tools, and an amazing photo correction tool.

If you’re looking to get really creative with your images, it’s only $5.99 to download from the app store on iPhone.

#6 Afterlight

This is another AMAZING and FREE editing app!

Another all-purpose photo editing app, I promise you will love this one! There are so many editing options at your disposal. Probably one of my favourite features about Afterlight are the filters (there are quite a few to choose from).

Like in VSCO you can adjust the intensity of each filter. You’ll also discover a range of film effects that you can apply over your chosen filter. These kinds of effects probably won’t work for all photos, but with the right touch and level of intensity, you can take your photo to the next level!

Focus On The Basics!

If you’re looking to create a cohesive Instagram feed, pay attention to the basics first and be careful you don’t over-edit (yes, it’s entirely possible and yes, I am guilty of this). When I first start editing I pay close attention to my exposure, light, contrast, and saturation.

I tend to take photos at all different times of the day and this therefore, affects the white balance of my photos. When you shoot, you may find that the temperature of your photos may be a bit blue, or a bit orange/yellow. One of my first point of calls during my editing process is removing any blue or orange/yellow hues from my photos so I know what I’m working with. Lightroom makes it incredibly easy to do do this.

Once you’ve altered your exposure, contrast and saturation, add those filters on and you’re all set to go!

Tell me some of your favourite photo editing apps in the comments below!

Talk soon,
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